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Subscriber Testimonials

"Recommending Commodity Compass puts me in a quandary. I find myself simultaneously wanting to tell everyone I know about it and keep it to myself. As a twenty year student and trader I do not believe there is a better advisory value than the Compass. Their accuracy is awe-inspiring, their service is excellent, and their prices are ridiculously low. Just one favor after you subscribe- don't tell too many people." -  J.M.

"Do you guys live in the future and come back to share with us what you know is going to happen?  Looking forward to your weekend report and updated alert!  Thanks for a great service."  - S.W.

"Your newsletter coupled with my personal indicators, I bought several put options of QQQ. I ended up with 90 put contracts. I took profit on 30 of them last Friday. So far for the last two weeks, I made over $80,000 while risking about $45,000 (average cost per contract was $5.00). Not bad." - W.P.

"CC has served as a great tool with helpful insight in trading for us. We've subscribed to a lot of news letters, updates & opinions in the past 5 years [and wasted a lot of money] we don't feel that way about Commodity Compass - for one because they are so affordable." - J.H.

"Your service is fantastic. The indicators you have developed are truly remarkable. I am very happy for having found you. Thanks again for all that you do." Sincerely,  - J.M.

"Your company has been nothing but a real pleasure to do business with. The service is excellent and the analysis is extremely accurate. It is so accurate that it is almost scary. This is not the first time that I have written and asked for clarification. It is not the first time that you (Mr. Fett) took the time out of your busy schedule to personally write me back. This one act of kindness alone puts you and Commodity Compass in a league all by yourselves. I do mean this. When I singed up for you weekly commentary, that was all you promised --- a weekly commentary. You, sir, have gone above and beyond. I commend you and recommend Commodity Compass to anyone who is serious about being in the know." - M.D.

"When using the Commodity Compass in conjunction with my trading system I have been able to increase my trading profits by 23% that's without saying anything about the time that the Forecast saves me. I just read the Forecast for every commodity and compare with my system, and that's it! " - G.S. Arizona

"Commodity Compass is "right on the money" in your forecasting. I have been trading 6 years and I plan to stick with you for quite a while." - J.D.R.

"This really is a great service. The calls just get better and better (referencing last weeks 100% correct predictions). The price is right and I wouldn't give it up for the world." - B.N.

"Within the first week of receiving C.C., I made over $400 on a B.O.Z.8. trade.  Best," - D.S.

"I sent my fax today, please let me know if you didn't get it. Your service is great, I've already made 2000.00 from you this month. Thank you, and let me know if you didn't get it there, I sent it today." - B.C., M.D.

"I found your site to be very helpful in making approx. $2,500 this past week in silver. I reviewed some other forecasts, and found your compass to be very accurate in the commodities that I did not invest in. All in all a very valuable site." -  J.S.

"I believe the COMPASS to be a valuable addition to my trading arsenal. I tend to use it as a confirmation to stay IN a trade. So far it has proved useful in taking profits as opposed to losing them." - J.R.

"For the beginning trader interested in options, this site would be a very good place to begin. Just recently they called corn going up when no one else was talking about it. Within about 10 days it is almost to where they had called it. A purchase of a $60 option then , is now over $300. I've watched it do that many times." - D.G.

"Thank you... you guys predicted the 'Bull Trap' in the Dow perfectly!!..." - C.P.F.

"I follow a number of commodities news and forecasting services and have found Commodity Compass to be the most consistently reliable of all." - BG

"Compass is real good in trend pivot points. I think Compass would stand head and shoulders above most in that field." - A.M.

"You people are pretty good." - P.D.

"The markets follow your forecasts over 85% of the times." - P.T.

"Hi everyone! Thank you for your work! it has change my trading for the best with a 20% increase in my winning trades!!!! YEEEEEPEEEEEE : ) Thanks again!" - G.S.

"I have found your weekly service to be a useful filter to my trading plan. keep up the good work!!" - D.I.

"Great job Mr. Fett. You just can't beat 100 % accuracy (week-ending 7/25). As I tell you from time to time, you guys are the best. Thanks again." - L.M.

"Commodity Compass has an uncanny knack of determining price and direction on a consistent basis." - R.N.

"I only had about $1500 left of $5000 in my account when I signed on to your service. I am fighting my way back (about $2100 and short on Jan OJ) now. At least I have quit losing money since I incorporated your info with what I was already doing. Thank You." (Part 1) -  B.D.

"Thank you, I was on the OJ train and doubled my I am looking at hogs." (Part 2) -  B.D.

"I'm a "new comer". My husband has been studying the markets for a long time now, he has pushed me into this business to, and guess what? I've made $720.00 in LCV '99 in just two days!! Not bad for a stay at home mom, huh? Your forecast reports are WONDERFUL!!!! As you can imagine, I am nervous and excited about the possibilities this business has to offer!! Looking forward to your forecast."  - T.M.

"Good job! Oct sugar abruptly bounced off of 715 today as predicted. Thanks."  - S.

"I just subscribed to your compass forecasting service and so far I think that it is GREAT!! " - V.S.

"I have been using your service as a forecasting tool in an effort to pre-identify market direction. At times your indicators are very exact, giving specific prices and numerical fluctuations. I greatly appreciate the precision involved in giving such recommendations. I realize its hard to hit it even most of the time." -  J.P.

"the accuracy of your reports are uncanny....the results speak for themselves! " - J.Y.

"I've found the Commodity Compass to be very helpful. A lot of they're predictions come true or very close to being true. The biggest thing though, in my opinion, is that when they're wrong, when something doesn't go as planned, they admit it right off, no excuses, and previous months predictions right or wrong are right there on the website for all to see. Will be renewing my subscription on a regular basis. Many Thanks." - W.N.

"I used commodity compass as a guide post primarily as to what to expect from the market for the week as long as the projection are not in conflict with my market indicators." - J.L.

"I am a fairly new member of the subscription, but I think it is very helpful in providing traders with ideas which the trader can confirm on his/her own. It is amazing to see the accuracy on most of your predictions. As a matter of fact I will be following your special alert very closely and hope to take this opportunity, should it come, by the horns and capitalize on it. Keep up the good work. P.S. Did I say that the subscription price is very reasonable!!" - R.S.

"Commodity Compass is right on 70-80% of the time. I'm a very cautious trader and use it to additionally qualify my other signals. At $9.95 a month, it's a bargain!" - BR

"I find the compass amazingly accurate and timely on its predictions. I canít wait week to week to see what it will have for the next forecast."  - R.B.

"Good job on the OJ prediction. I've been watching Nov OJ for the past two weeks thinking it should drop below the channel at 113.8. I entered the market at that point yesterday and jumped out today when it reached resistance. If it drops below this resistance point I may go short again. Not bad for an easy one day trade. I'm really interested to see your sugar forecast this Sunday. Looks to me like a drop below about 685 could lead to a 150 point drop before support is reached. I made money on this one last week when it reached 715 the first time. Thanks again." - S.

"I can't wait for the weekend to roll around so that I can read your updates. Then I can't wait for Monday to put them into use. So far so good!" -  L.M.

"This is my first experience with Compass, and I like what I see! " - D.F.

"Thanks for all your hard work. I really love your service! " - L.S.

"I'm impressed with your past forecast and accuracies. Uncanny forecast so often." - T.H.

"Just a quick note of thanks, shortly after I joined your service, you issued an alert in the Pork Bellies market. I tripled my investment in a week. Thanks." - V.S.

"Commodity Compass has the best recommendations around.....and with a minimum of verbiage.....most of the forecasts are correct!" - B.A.

"I use SuperCharts end of day along with Commodity Compass to trade. I find Commodity Compass a valuable tool for spotting a trade and giving me a target to exit in these non-trending markets." - P.S.N.

"Your compass has been pretty accurate for the Nasdaq for the last year. I would say you are pretty close to 85-90%. You made me look really good on my trades. My friends even thinks I am smart :) …I have made good fortune this year following the Compass along with my personal indicators. I cannot thank you enough. I just hope that you have a long and healthy life and that you trained an able successor. Thanks a lot. Life is good. - W.P.

"I have not been getting the Commodity Compass very long, but so far I can tell it is very informative. I look forward to reading it every Sunday. I do wish you had a daily one. " - C.L.

"Commodity Compass gives me another valuable tool to back up my evaluation of where the various markets are headed. Sometimes their accuracy is pretty astounding. Cheers," - B.B.

"Just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your thorough and detailed answer to my question concerning our economy and its relationship to the markets. (currencies and financials) It's not often now-a-days that a customer gets the type of service that goes above and beyond in taking care of its clients and customers in the way that you and your company do. It's a pleasure doing business with you and you have a regular customer for a long time to come! I plan on subscribing yearly instead of quarterly in the future as soon as I can hit some of these markets at the right time and gain some capital. Yours truly," -  L.M.

"I find your service to be very worthwhile. Thanks in advance for your assistance, and keep up the good work! Sincerely," - W.J.H.

"As someone new to the commodities market I am finding the Commodity Compass as an extremely valuable tool in understanding how the various markets can fluctuate. I am only paper trading right now and using the Compass to help guide me in investment strategies." - T.B.

"Mr.Fett…Sometimes your forecasts are correct beyond belief…some are stunningly accurate. I think you are modern day W.D. Gann." - P.T.

"The thing that I like best about your forecast is that they are CRISP,CLEAR AND UNAMBIGIOUS.You take a definite stand and also you care for your subscribers by returning their e-mail questions.You stand above all in the crowd. I am sure I am not the only one but every subscriber is a TRULY SATISFIED CUSTOMER OF YOUR FORECASTS. We pray god for your good HEALTH,WEALTH AND LOVE, and hope you continue to enjoy for a long long time to come in life". - P.T.

"Your Commodity Compass system is extremely unique and straight forward. I have used charts and other technical indicators for 6 years of trading and together I've finally found a winning team. Whatever you do and however you do it, please keep it up. You have amazing accuracy." - J.D.R.

"When I get out or get in according to the Compass I have more $$ than when I get in or get out according to the way I used to trade. You can take away just about any tool I have, but don't even think about messing with my Commodity Compass." - D.M.

"I find the compass amazingly accurate and timely on its predictions. I can't wait week to week to see what it will have for the next forecast." - M.R.

"I have followed your predictions on cocoa and sugar and every trade I entered was right. I'm a beginner trader, so your service has helped me tremendously on my decisions. My fear to trade has been controlled and my confidence has been boosted. Also, I'm learning to time my trades for a more profitable success. Thanks and keep up with the good work." - T.S.

"This is a renewal. Very pleased with your service so far." - B.C.

"You have always been very helpful to me. You go above and beyond the call of duty. It is refreshing to find in today's business world somebody who cares enough about their customers to go the extra mile. In the field of investing in commodities, it is important to have good information. You certainly have lived up to your claim of providing that. Thank You! " - M.D.

"You are a great service!" - J. R.

"Thank you very much for your attention and quick reply you and everyone over there at the compass are really top-notch..we all know that.Your record speaks for itself, but on top of that you seem to go out of your way. I'm really grateful." - J.Y.

"Thanks for a great job. You people are terrific. We sure do appreciate you folks." - L.B.

"I have been impressed with Commodity Compass since the first day I signed up. It is almost unreal how accurate the Compass is in predicting what happens in the market. Because of the Compass, I have practiced disciplined trading. By this I mean that I stay out of the market when I need to stay out and I get in when I need to get in. Someone might say, "Wow, that is what I do too, and I don't use the Compass." Well, when I get out or get in according to the Compass I have more $$ than when I get in or get out according to the way I used to trade. You can take away just about any tool I have, but don't even think about messing with my Commodity Compass. Sincerely," - M.D.

"I enjoy the compass very much." - K.S.

"I am only into my second month of subscription with commodity compass and have been amazed at the accuracy of their predictions. I am a technical trader, patiently waiting for my signals to give me the green light to enter a trade. I feel much better now when my signals are in accordance with their opinions. You can spend hundreds (if not thousands ) of dollars per year subscribing to "gurus" investment letters, technical talks of all sorts etc.....(yes I have done it!). Nothing comes close to the service they offer at that price. Subscribing to commodity compass should be part of any commodity trader's arsenal. They are and will remain part of mine." - S.C.

"I can't live without my Commodity Compass report. Thanks." - J.

"The information and updates are concise and easy to understand. For anyone following market action, the Commodity Compass offers information and price targets that can easily be understood by novice investors and more advanced traders alike." - R.G.

"THANX for your help, CCF.  Right on the mark!" - T.H.

"Unbelievably accurate. They call all types of market action, like retracements, consolidation, bottoms, tops, resistance and support areas, strengthening or weakening markets, and more. Fun to watch their predictions, even if your not in that particular market. Great learning tool to help expand your technical analysis skills. Even in the event C.C. is wrong on a call, it helps to see exactly where that particular market failed. Makes the Sunday updates something to look forward to and very addictive. Very pleased overall." -  R.S.

"Your advise and customer service have both been more than excellent." - M.D.

"I love your updates and overall format." - V.A.

"Thanks for all you efforts Marcus. You and your organization are quite remarkable." - R.L.

"Thanks you for the great work you're doing. At ten bucks a month it's almost philanthropic." - M.H.

"Wow you did it once again! : ) thank you for your quick updates, trading is starting to be fun : )" - G.S.

"I've been following your advice and have been astounded at the accuracy of your forcasts. I have made some profitable trades on the S&P following your outlook." - R.B.

"Thanks for all your help. I have paid for my investment with you 10 times over, at least." - D.B.

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say how impressed I've been with your website and forecasts. I signed up for a trial month and certainly will continue to subscribe to your service." - R.K.

"I would like to thank you for the excellent website and commodities information. I am always amazed at your accuracy. It is also great to hear a voice of reason amongst all of the bull 'pundits'." - D.H.

"I really enjoy your service, it gives a greater and different perspective other than the standard line that other services offer." - S.E.

"Hi, just to let you know that I'm well pleased with your service! I've been trading for about 6 years, and used other services, and you are the best. I look forward for your e-mails like a child waiting for Santa Clause…One more thing I've seen services out there charging $5000 a year for same service that your , your the best!!!! Thanks." - G.S.

"You're doing a great job and I am following the action closely!" - S.F.

"You folks are dangerous. You've been hitting the stock market with uncanny accuracy."
- J.S.

"Thanks for your help. P.S. - I've been a subscriber to the Compass for years now and you guys are fantastic!"
- L.M.



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