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"The compass of accurate knowledge directs the shortest, safest, cheapest course to any destination." - Claude Hopkins


"I follow a numberof commodities news and forecasting services and have found Commodity Compass to be the
most consistently
reliable of all."
- BG


"Your service is fantastic. The indicators you have developed are truly remarkable. "
- J.M.

"Commodity Compass is "right on the money" in your forecasting. I have been trading 6 years and I plan to stick with you for quite a while."
- J.D.R.



"Your company has been nothing but a real pleasure to do business with. The service is excellent and the analysis is extremely accurate. It is so accurate that it is almost scary...in a league all by yourselves."
- M.D.

.. .

"the accuracy of your reports are uncanny ....the results speak for themselves! "
- J.Y.

"Thanks for all your help. I have paid for my investment with you 10 times over at least."
- D.B.

"You folks are dangerous. You've been hitting the stock market with uncanny accuracy."
- J.S.















For our subscribers, the Compass's accuracy has been scary. It's easy for newsletters and advisors to claim "predicting" market drops after the fact. However, it's a different matter when the forecast is done on the Worldwide Web where its literally visible to the world.



Commodity Compass Does It Again!.. 


In 2014, Three Significant Declines Forecasted That Blindsided Everyone Else! (Two Nearly To The Day!)


(12/29/13)  "[The Indicators are] pointing us toward a pronounced downleg and in this first quarter of 2014 "
(01/05/14) "Correction Alert for a 'Smackdown Correction'.
(01/12/14) "The near-term Indicators have markedly increased their downward bias, which points us to a imminent correction. We look for the correction readying itself to begin to erase a bit of the December blow-off rally, with the potential of erasing all of it, returning to November levels...the Dow can go toward 16,142 area and can see it dip back below 16K to hit 15,835...and could see 15,144..."  
(Note:  Dow declines to 15.340)

(07/06/14)  "...the mid-term Indicators in particular pointing us to a reversal that will surprise – just as they did in January this year when virtually everyone else was blindsided.  As we have reported, we see a potential change point in and around July 16th.  So, we continue with the Alert."   (Note: Decline starts on July 17th).

(09/21/14)  "..we are issuing a Preliminary Alert due to the near-term Indicators increasing its downward bias...and see potential significant dates of October 7-9 as well."
(Note: back to back triple-digit-swings on Oct 7. 8 and 9 prior to sudden downleg.)
"The greatest risk and probability is sudden downleg – as we saw in January and last month and as the mid- and long-term Indicators continue to show. All our lower targets remain in place – moves back toward Dow 16,300s-16,600s area and can see back toward 16K and even 15Ks.
(Note: Dow falls to 15,855.10.)



Commodity Compass Does It Again!.. 


By Wednesday February 5, 2014,
Dow Down 1233.10 points (7.4%) from its January 2 high!

(1)   (01/05/14) "Correction Alert.  (2)  (01/12/14) "The near-term Indicators have markedly increased their downward bias, which points us to a imminent correction....We look for the correction readying itself to begin to erase a bit of the December blow-off rally, with the potential of erasing all of it, returning to November levels...the Dow can go toward 16,142 area and can see it dip back below 16K to hit 15,835...and could see 15,144 and go toward 15,151 areas."    VIRTUALLY THE ENTIRE TRADING WORLD WAS CALLING FOR HIGHER MARKETS IN JANUARY 2014...Look at what the Indicators correctly showed!...  

Commodity Compass Does It Again!.. 


  By Monday August 9, 2011
.     Dow Down 15%!

No one else saw this coming.  But our subscribers did!

(07/10/11)   "Heads-Up: Potential  Unexpected Shift...setting up for an unexpected reversal...this development means there can be a reversal that could be sudden and with impetus.  the Dow to move toward 12K and through and then toward 11800s...eventually we will see 11,200s..." 

"...and eventually below 11K toward the 10,600s area,"

But this is just the beginning!  Where the Dow and other indexes are headed will shock you!   There has never been a more important time to be a Commodity Compass member!


Dow "unexpectedly" dives 15% - to our 11,800 and then our 11,200....then further to our 10,600 target!  And this is just the beginning...


Does it again, with these extraordinary calls
in 2007-2009!

On Monday October 27, 1997,
.Dow sheds 554.26 or 7.18%
our subscribers continue to get the "inside track" before "the herd", thanks to the Indicators.

(07/22/07)  (#1)  Interim Alert Issued" 

(08/12/07)  (#2)  IMPORTANT NOTICE!  We have had a strong increase of downward bias in the indicators. Despite any efforts by the indexes to counter-rally higher, there is a potential existing for a significant selldown that could take the Dow back toward 10685 to 11500 area that can be sudden and with strength." 

(01/06/08) "…a bear-leg drop in indexes in the near- to mid-term."

(01/20/08)  (#3)  "…We look for further follow-through lower and are alerting for the increased potential for a sudden strong move lower. There can be efforts to counter-rally and resist the downward bias which is very strong now... This plays into the ongoing Interim Alert we have been carrying for a potential existing for a significant selldown... that could take the Dow back toward 10685 to 11500 area that could be can also be sudden and with strength."

(06/22/08)  (#3)  "…As The two Dow 13300s peaks of 5/2 and 5/19 are now acting as near-term “double-tops” as the markets tick lower overall. As expected, the Dow has broken below 12K once again. We look for 12K to act as resistance and for it to move back toward our 11500 area and further toward 11238 area. "


From 13279.5 at the beginning of January 2008 a drop to hit 11298 on 6/27.  !

But that was just the beginning.  the Dow went on to see an historic drop and fulfilled a stunning call by Commodity Compass:

(09/28/08)   "...our longer-term Dow 10685, 9715.75 and 9114.72 area targets remain fully live on the forward trek.  And, of course, longer term is for even lower (7400, 6500)..."


The Dow falls to hit within ticks of 6500 (6469.95) on March 13,2009!


Does it again, with this extraordinary call in 1997!


On Monday October 27, 1997,
.Dow sheds 554.26 or 7.18%

(9/19/97) “A sudden sharp rally, attributed to positive economic gov't reports
and the strength of the Bond rally (energized by reported Warren Buffet Bond purchases) jumped to current 960.60 area. However, bias is still to the downside. Expected to drop to below the resistance 905.50 area to 881-882 area. Possibly to 861.80 area before starting a major march upward."

(10/10) "As predicted, the sag is here..."
S&P Chart

From 976.65 on the 10th
to 874.00 on 10/27/97,
this was a drop of 102.65
or $51,325.00 per contract!

NOTE: This is NOT an advisory service.  No recommendations regarding investments or trading are made nor implied. The Compass is ONLY and specifically technical report and opinion of price direction probability of a number of commodity futures markets based upon unique and proprietary indicators.  Please see this important note.

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