An Online Commodity Futures Forecasting Service

About Us

The Commodity Compass is one of the most popular forecasting services for the US commodity futures markets available today. It is used by traders, students and researchers all around the globe.

It evolved from proprietary technical indicators developed by M. Fett which were found to predict market movement, as well as price targets, with consistent and uncanny accuracy.

The Indicators were used in real world trading in various futures markets (as well as stocks) successfully before regular forecasts, based upon these unique indicators, were made available to the public as the Commodity Compass.

Early in its history, it was the only service known to accurately call the 1997 "mini-crash", calling the S&P decline to within ticks, while the rest of the world was taken by surprise. Since then, there have been many extraordinary calls including the Dow and S&P peaks of early 2000 to within ticks, the April 2000 sell-off of the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq (to the day and to within ticks), the September 2000 sell-off in those same indexes (again to the day and within ticks), the decline of the oil markets through late '99 as well as their bottom and rally to record levels in 2001, and a long and continuing list of of extraordinary forecasts made throughout the 33 futures markets it regularly tracks.

The intention from the beginning was to make a low-cost yet extremely effective service available to all. The most-repeated commentary from subscribers has been the quality of the service relative to the low rate of subscription and this attests to the success of that intention.

Commodity Compass continues to seek to be the best forecasting tool available today at the best price, providing the best experience for the greatest number.